I didn’t even mean to gif this but I just noticed it and I had to. the first is Amy right before she’s about to admit for the first time out loud to anyone and to herself that she might actually be gay and the second is right after she tells Karma she’s in love with her. and like I know this show has it’s problems and it’s far from perfect but they managed to make this character’s journey from “I think I might like like my best friend” to “I am totally in love with her” so believable and in only eight twenty minute episodes and it’s really funny and Rita’s at her best in these more subtle moments and I’m rambling but PLEASE GIVE THIS SHOW A CHANCE IT’S ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD AND THE SECOND SEASON IS JUST AS GOOD IF NOT BETTER

Rita Volk will win an oscar one day. SHE WILL OK. SHES THE NEXT JENLAW MARK MY WORDS. 

She lied about being a lesbian to be popular and sleep with Liam. What do you have to feel guilty about?

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I am the reason for my own sadness
an eight word story (b.p)

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